Press Releases


Grünenthal supports the public ambitions of the Contergan Foundation to facilitate an early payout of the remaining foundation capital to people affected by thalidomide. The exchange between Grünenthal and the affected parties made it clear that a larger, early payout now would make a greater contribution to improving their living situation than the annual special payments made to date.

At the end of last year, the Contergan Foundation suggested an early payout of the remaining foundation capital to the amount of approximately €56 million for 2022 to the federal government. One component of the foundation capital is Grünenthal’s donation in the amount of €50 million from 2009, which was originally subject to the condition that people affected by thalidomide received a special annual payment over the long-term, and for this to be lifelong if possible.

Meanwhile, the majority of those affected are now already at least in their 60s and are currently investing in an accessible living space. With these cost-intensive measures, the money from a planned early payout can be used in a way that better suits the needs of those affected than is possible with the annual special payments. This is why we heartily welcome the early payout.

As we understand, the monthly pensions paid to those affected from federal funds will remain unaffected by the matters described here and will continue to be paid regardless. The same applies to the annual flat-rate payments from the federal fund for specific requirements.