The Thalidomide tragedy will always remain a part of our company’s history. We will never forget what happened, and we deeply regret the wide-ranging consequences for the people affected and their families. On this page, you will find information about Thalidomide and how Grünenthal currently provides support to Thalidomide-affected people.

Our responsibility:
How Grünenthal supports people affected by Thalidomide today


As the company that distributed Thalidomide at the time, we believe it is a matter of moral importance that we are actively involved in charitable efforts to improve the situation of Thalidomide-affected people. For this reason, we established the Grünenthal Foundation. There is also a worldwide financial resource system through which affected people can receive support.
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The history of the Thalidomide tragedy


The Thalidomide tragedy continues to impact the lives of those affected and their families. Here, we take a look at the series of historical events that shaped the tragedy: from the fate of the “Thalidomide babies” through to the criminal proceedings against nine senior executives from Grünenthal and the creation of the Contergan Foundation.
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The substance and its consequences


What is Thalidomide? How does it act in the body? How is it used today? We provide an overview of the science, its development, and new pharmacological uses of the drug by other companies.
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Current developments on the subject of Thalidomide.


50 years ago today, the Aachen Regional Court terminated the Thalidomide proceedings against nine Grünenthal senior employees. The criminal trial is still considered one of the most complex and costly proceedings in German legal history. The legal and medical questions concerning the Thalidomide tragedy were complex and difficult to answer.


Contact information for journalists and Thalidomide-affected people

Fabia Kehren

Contact for the public

Global Communications Grünenthal GmbH

Phone +49 (0) 241 569 3269

E-Mail Fabia.Kehren@grunenthal.com

Tom Hermes

Contact for people affected by Thalidomide

The Grünenthal Foundation for the Support of Thalidomide-Affected People

Phone +49 (0) 241 569 2742

E-Mail tom.hermes@grunenthal-stiftung.com