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You can find the latest information regarding Thalidomide here, together with infographics and other useful resources to download.


The German federal parliament adopted an amendment to the Contergan Foundation Act on 19 June 2020, whereby benefits to thalidomide victims, once granted, cannot be revoked. This includes the thalidomide pension, which is paid by the Contergan Foundation. Only in special cases, such as deliberate deception, is it possible to withdraw benefits.


The pensions paid by the Contergan Foundation to people affected by thalidomide in Germany and abroad will be increased by 3.22 percent as of July 1, 2018.


After more than 60 years, researchers at the renowned Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston have succeeded in identifying the causes of thalidomide-induced congenital malformations.

Downloadable material

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Press kit: The Thalidomide trial in Germany – 50 years on

Press kit:
The Thalidomide trial in Germany – 50 years on

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Infographic Financial support for people affected by Thalidomide

Financial support for people affected by Thalidomide

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